Selznick Software has updated Password Wallet to version 4.4
It’s now available for Windows Mobile 5, both PocketPC and Smartphone
editions. You can open, modify and synchronize PasswordWallet
documents with your Ma.

PasswordWallet is also available as an iPhone application from the
Apple App Store — and is being offered free for the next two weeks.
PasswordWallet 4.4 for Mac also adds the ability to synchronize your
passwords with other Macs right over your local network. Just run
PasswordWallet on both computers, choose the computer you want to
synchronize with, and you’re done.

PasswordWallet 4.4 for Mac OS X can also export your data to
Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Nokia phones. Version 4.4 is free
for all owners of Password 4.0 or later.