EasyIShopUK, an Internet retailer of iPod
speakers and iPod accessories, has introduced the
Klipsch RoomGroove. The speaker is compatible
with all iPods; when it’s linked with other
RoomGroove’s it can wirelessly transmit music all
across the house.

The Klipsch RoomGroove iPod speaker utilizes
premium woofers, crossovers, and horn-loaded
tweeters. It features a retractable dock that
includes an Apple universal well to ensure that
all iPods are compatible while charging them at
the same time. Other MP3 players and digital
devices can also be connected easily via an
auxiliary input.

Without wires or complicated setup, the user can
create a wireless speaker system around the house
using two or more RoomGroove’s. Each RoomGroove
acts as a transmitter or receiver, so it can
wirelessly send CD-quality music to other
RoomGroove’s or receive CD-quality music from
transmitting RoomGroove’s.

The RoomGroove will also work with any computer.
All the user has to do is connect the RoomGroove
to their computer via its auxiliary input. This
allows them to play their entire music library
off the computer, including being able to listen
to Internet radio stations, to other RoomGroove’s
around your house. Available in a black finish,
the RoomGroove comes with an IR remote control
and is ready to perform as soon as you plug it in
and dock an iPod.

Prices are at a discounted rate of £199.99 along
with a huge range of iPod speakers can be ordered
online via the easyishop.co.uk website or by the
sales line.