Zumobi (http://www.Zumobi.com) has released Ziibii, a free iPhone App
now available on iTunes. Ziibii offers a new way to stay in-touch and
in-the-loop with friends, photos and the world around them.

Blending Facebook, Twitter, Flickr , YouTube, and web content into
one experience, Ziibii also offers features for wireless consumers as
well as brands. It enables real-time social interaction between users
across a variety of popular social media applications, as well as
on-going discovery of news, stories and blogs throughout the day,
says John SanGiovanni of Zumobi. Displayed on the screen of the
handset, Ziibii’s visual expression metaphor is a river with content
“rafts” floating with the user’s pre-defined content, including
direct-connect to social networking sites and RSS feeds.