Press Release – WebShocker v2.2 Ships

Recosoft Corporation announces that is has started shipping WebShocker
v2.2; a major upgrade to the most popular integrated Web Animation
Production Tool for the Macintosh

WebShocker v2.2 contains the following new features and enhancements –

* Fully Compatible with Mac OS X Public Beta (when run under Classic mode)

* Fully Mac OS 9 Multiple Users compatible

* Incorporation of the RecoSoft Smart Color Technology. This technology
allows for accurate remapping of colors when saving animations that contain
thousands or millions of colors as GIF animations

* Specification of “Color Tolerance” when using the Paint Bucket tool

* Specification of 9 different types of Fill modes when using the Paint
Bucket, Rectangle, Oval, Arc, FreeHand, Polygon, and Rounded Rect tools

* Opacity Control for the Fill Color being used

* A thoroughly enhanced and improved “Export Assistant” which allows
Zooming the Preview area and adjusting the Color Accuracy when saving
animations that contain thousands/millions of colors as GIF Animations

* Automatic extraction of the 256 most used colors when Importing images
that contain thousands/millions of colors

* Inclusion of the “Extract Animation Colors” command that extracts 256 of
the most frequently used colors in the animation

* Significantly Improved Magic Wand Tolerance feature

* Other minor enhancements

WebShocker v2.2 is available immediately in the following configurations

WebShocker v2.2 Single User License US$49.00

WebShocker v2.2 Education Single User License US$39.95

WebShocker v2.2 Education 10 Pack License US$349.95

WebShocker v2.2 Education 20 Pack License US$619.00

WebShocker v2.2 Upgrade package US$29.95

All users that purchased WebShocker v2.0 on or after February 28th, 2000 are
entitled to a COMPLIMENTARY free UPGRADE to WebShocker v2.2.

To download a 30 day Trial Version of WebShocker v2.2 please visit:

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