iWebTemplate (http://www.iwebtemplate.com) has introduced their
Google Tool Set, a free, web-based resource for Mac enterprise and
web developers. Offered exclusively for click and mortar, web site or
online business, it’s a browser-based collection of tools designed to
help anyone get a better handle on their AdWords, Google Ads, or
Google Ranking.

The Google Tool Set includes Google Banned Checker, a Datacenter
Search, Google PageRank Prediction, Multi-Rank Checker, PageRank
Checker, Rank Checker, Link Price Calculator, Search Engine Position,
Search Listings Preview, a Google Adsense Calculator and Adsense
Preview. The Adsense Preview allows users to review what ads are
targeted for their web site.

By using the Adsense Calculator, it’s purportedly easy to calculate
Adsense earnings based on page impressions. With the Link Price
Calculator, you can estimate how much to pay for a link based on
different criteria. You can use the Datacenter Search to find the
right keywords/phrase through different Google data centers.

The PageRank Prediction tool can predict future Google PageRank.
Users may also view multiple Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking in
bulk, or view Google PageRank on different Google servers, as well as
get an overview of a web site’s ranking. Users can even discover
whether a web site is banned on Google with the Google Banned Checker
To fill out the collection, Users may quickly discover their search
engine positions on Google Search Engine, and preview their web site
on Google, MSN and Yahoo! Search.