MDG Delivers WS4D/eCommerce 3.6.4 for OS 9 and WS4D/Commerce 4.0r13 for OS
X; adds Froogle and other Search Engine Features

Cary, IL November 2, 2004 — MDG Computer Services, Inc, a leading
developer of web and eCommerce tools for Macintosh and Windows, announced
today that it shipped new versions of Web Server 4D and WS4D/eCommerce, its
a single application that includes a full featured web server, shopping
carts, storefronts, credit authorization, virtual domains, and database

What’s New With Version 3.6.4 & 4.0r13?

This release of WS4D adds some important features that allow your sites to
be easily seen and published by the major search engines.

Froogle Auto Publish

Google is by far the leading search engine available today. Over the past
two years, Google has been indexing items found and adding them to a
section called Froogle. It may be possible that some of your products
already appear in Froogle. MDG has added an option feature ($50) that
allows all your storefronts to automatically publish products to Froogle
every night. This allows your products to show in Froogle above all other
items that Froogle found.

Google Auto Publish

Your virtual domains have the option to automatically be added to Google.
Google will be notified every night of the virtual domains hosted on your
server. A checkbox enables or disables for each hosted virtual domain.

Robots.txt Auto Creation

Having a robots.txt file at your main sit en and in your directories tells
the search engine crawlers, that it is OK to index your site. WS4D now
creates this on the fly. If there is a folder that you do not want crawlers
to see, you can still manually create one.

Search Engine and Redirects

One of the best features of WS4D/eCommerce has been the server cookie
feature. This feature allows people to shop at your WS4D/eCommerce store
even if cookies are disabled at the browser. Search engines have become
smarter lately, and they started indexing pages with Server cookies in the
URL. This means, that anyone clicking on a link to your store (or database)
from a search engine that happens to have a server cookie, will share the
same shopping cart.

A new feature added, does not send server cookies to search engines. This
allows search engines to index your site and people clicking on a link from
the search engine will get their own server cookie.

Server Cookies Already Indexed

Also, for sites and products that are already indexed with a server cookie,
WS4D will automatically redirect these links to get a new cookie and this
will prevent users from sharing shopping carts and allow existing links at
search engines to still work.


If you are currently running WS4D 3.6 or 3.6.1 the upgrade to 3.6.4 is
free. If you are currently running WS4D 4.0x, the upgrade to 4.0r13 is free.

Both upgrades are available today.

For those users running an older version, or wish to upgrade from OS 9 to
OS X, you can place your orders at
MDG has been shipping Web Sever 4D since November, 1995. Web Server 4D
combines the power of a relational database along with a full-featured web
server in single high performance single application. WS4D/eCommerce adds
shopping carts, credit card authorization, order and customer tracking.
WS4D/Email-Search allows any mailing list to be searchable from the web.
MDG can be contacted at 1343 Mulberry Lane, Cary, IL 60013, USA; Phone:
847-791-0914, Fax 847-841-4735;