June 12, 2008

Virtual Leopard Server, Uncaged: Virtualized Mac OS X Leopard Server on
VMware Fusion 2.0

As you many of you may recall, at Macworld in January, we gave you a
preview of Mac OS X Leopard Server installing and running as a virtual
machine on Mac OS X.

Well, in honor of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, currently in
full-swing in San Francisco, the VMware Fusion team is excited to announce
that Mac OS X Leopard Server will be our 61st supported virtualized
operating system, and will be available in VMware Fusion 2.0’s next beta
(get the current beta here).

By way of background, all of this is a result of changes Mac OS X Leopard
Server’s license agreement, which now allows users to run multiple copies
of Mac OS X Server on a single Apple computer.
Virtual Leopard Server is a huge leap forward for Mac server
administrators, developers, and more, and we’re truly excited to bring this
to the Mac community, in VMware Fusion 2.0, which will be a free upgrade
for all VMware Fusion 1.x customers.

And as has lately become our tradition, we’ve put together a short
highlight video to get you started, along with more details below. (See

Big Cats and Big Iron: Mac Server Administrator’s Delight
Do your Mac Pros or Xserves ache to run flat out?

VMware Fusion 2.0 will let you to run as many copies of Mac OS X Server on
your powerful Mac hardware as you have RAM to support them. Or mix it up
with multiple server operating systems running together, like Windows
Server 2003, Linux and Mac OS X servers, simultaneously on one machine.

VMware Fusion brings the full power of the VMware’s proven, reliable
virtualization technology to Mac OS X Server virtualization with big iron
features like dual-core virtual machines, support for 64-bit operating
systems, and large memory support-up to 8 gigs per VM.

Mac Development Made Easier…Virtually!

Mac developers will now be able to enjoy what Windows and Linux engineers
have had since VMware Workstation shipped in 1998: the flexibility and
agility of multiple virtual machines to develop on and test against.

Virtual Mac OS X Leopard Server on VMware Fusion 2.0 kicks Mac software
testing and bug fixing into overdrive. Instead of fussing with
configurations and settings of an operating system and hardware to
reproduce a QA tester’s system, just copy the tester’s virtual machine and
reliably and quickly repro the bug, write a fix, roll back to a snapshot,
and test again.

And let’s not forget all the cross-platform developers out there. VMware
Fusion 2.0 will be the ultimate Mac developer tool for cross-platform and
mobile development. Developers can run Xcode and Visual Studio on the same
machine, compile, and then test the software in multiple virtual operating
systems, whether Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Server and Linux,
running as virtual machines. The same goes for iPhone SDK developers
running their J2ME, Symbian, and Windows Mobile development tools!

Let the Cat Out of the Cage: Beta Participation!

VMware Fusion 2.0’s support for Mac OS X Leopard Server will enable hard
core Mac technology gurus-from Xserve farmers to Cocoa junkies-to do more
with their powerful Mac hardware.
Stay tuned to this blog, or follow our Twitter stream to grab the next
beta, complete with virtual Leopard Server support, when it hits the

And in the mean time, come grab VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1, already chock
full of great features!