Deadbeat Software has released The Tagger 1.0
(, an MP3 and AAC tag editor for Mac OS X.
It supports batch editing of audio files and supports a wider range
of ID3 tags than iTunes and other editors, making it possible to
catalog one’s music with more information than ever before, according
to the folks at Deadbeat.

iles are selected for editing using the built-in file browser and
changes are saved instantly. The Tagger boasts a variety of features
for streamlining tag editing. Built-in tools can change the case of
individual tags, trim tags, or add and remove prefixes and suffixes.
The Tagger also features a multi-file Find and Replace tool that can
search using regular expressions.

The Tagger can search for and retrieve tag information from, a community-built music database with listings for over
one million artists. The Tagger also supports multiple artwork images
for each file and can delete the personal information hidden inside
iTunes Plus files bought from Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

The Tagger’s other features include integration of Mac OS X 10.5’s
Quick Look feature and exporting of files to iTunes. It costs US$29;
a 14-day demo is available for download.