Paragon Software Group
(, which makes
Mac cross-platform technology, has announced that
QuVIS (http://), a provider of high fidelity
motion imaging technology, has selected its
Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology to
embed within their new Wraptor DCP (Digital
Cinema Package) mastering plug-in for Apple Final
Cut Studio.

Paragon’s technology fulfills the
high-performance requirements for creating a
digital cinema content distribution hard drive
according to the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative)
specifications by enabling a Mac with Wraptor and
Final Cut Studio to:

° Create a Linux ext2/3 File System partition on
a USB2.0 external hard drive suitable for use as
a DCI-compliant distribution hard drive;

° Verify the integrity of the ext2/3 File System partition;

° Write a clear-text (unencrypted) or
AES-encrypted DCP, created using Wraptor, to the
distribution hard drive using a file system
format that’s universally supported by all major
digital cinema playback servers.

Wraptor is a software plug-in that adds the
ability to create a DCI JPEG2000-encoded,
AES-encrypted, MXF-wrapped, and
distribution-ready Digital Cinema Package (DCP)
directly from a Final Cut Studio project.
Paragon’s UFSD technology was specially developed
by the company to provide full cross-platform
access to volumes of all popular file systems
(ext2/3, HFS+, NTFS, FAT32, etc.) under various
platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) when these
file systems aren’t natively supported.