Twelve South has introduced PlugBug, an iPad/iPhone wall charger that piggybacks onto a MacBook power adapter, allowing you to charge a MacBook and an iPad/iPhone simultaneously from one power outlet. Made to fit all MacBook Power Adapters, PlugBug is available now at for US$34.99.

The charger connects to all MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air power adapters. Simply snap PlugBug onto an adapter, in place of the adapter’s AC plug, and you now have one device that charges an Apple laptop MacBook and iPad or iPhone at the same time, using only one wall outlet.

hose outside the U.S. and Canada can use PlugBug as the perfect U.S. adapter and iPad/iPhone charger, says Andrew Green, creative director at Twelve South. Not only does PlugBug convert any non-U.S. MacBook power adapter into a North American-compatible adapter, it also serves as a bonus USB charger for iPad and iPhone.