Wonder Warp Software has released an update to its ShoveBox
productivity software (http://www.wonderwarp.com/shovebox/).

ShoveBox offers Mac users a way to capture and process scraps of
information. Running in the menubar, it’s designed to be unobtrusive
and omnipresent. It allows the user to configure rules for
automatically organizing incoming information. Initially released
about a year ago, it has won praises for its intuitive user interface.

Version 1.5 adds several new features and enhancements, among them
the ability to annotate any entry, be it text, image, web archive, or

It also adds the ability for users to assign global hotkeys to
frequently-used information for quick access. The new version sports
a redesigned graphical user interface and enhanced searching and web
archiving capabilities.

The upgrade is free for existing customers. A new single-user license
costs $24.95 USD. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or greater and can be
downloaded at wonderwarp.com/shovebox/.

Wonder Warp Software SP is a small independent software vendor in
Cambridge, MA that produces Mac OS X and iPhone software. Founded in
2004, it is also known for its SimpleChord music software, Otis
puzzle game, and PhoneFinger iPhone development tool.