Midnight Mansion 1.1.5, a free update to ActionSoft’s popular
action/exploration game, has been released. The game can be
downloaded here: http://www.actionsoft.com/midnightmansion.html

Midnight Mansion 1.1.5 adds the ability for custom mansions to be
stored in subfolders within the Custom Mansions folder. (One level

Midnight Mansion is an action/exploration platformer with 32-bit
graphics. As Jack Malone, you will explore eight huge mansions, each
filled with traps, puzzles, and secrets, as you search for legendary
treasure. Ride on conveyor belts, avoid zapper beams, and dodge
monsters as you collect keys that give you access to new areas of
each mansion. Non-violent gameplay allows the whole family to enjoy
the game. Features include multiple user accounts, online high
scores, suspend game, a level editor, and much more.

Midnight Mansion works with any Mac capable of running Mac OS X
10.1.5 or higher (Mac OS X 10.2 or higher is recommended). Midnight
Mansion is shareware and is free to try, and costs US$20 to register.
This version is a free upgrade for owners of any prior version of
Midnight Mansion.