NovaMind ( has announced NovaMind Connect, a
system for sharing Mind Maps online. With it you can take a Mind Map
document created in NovaMind and upload it directly from NovaMind to
NovaMind Connect, where it.s turned into a full HTML version of the

You can click on each Mind Map to view the detail of that Mind Map.
From there you see all the branches of the Mind Map in expandable
outline form, and you can navigate to each branch either by clicking
it on the Mind Map, or in the outline.

NovaMind is a tool used to conduct and record the outcomes of
brainstorming sessions. It’s Mac OS X compatible and costs US$119 for
a single-user license.

NovaMind Connect allows you to update existing documents that you’ve
already uploaded, and will keep any comments that have been made on
your Mind Maps, and branches so long as the branch is still there in
the new version of the document. As soon as the document has been
uploaded, the full text of every branch, attached text, branch note
etc is fully searchable within the system.

When you set up your account on NovaMind Connect, you can tell people
about yourself in your profile, and also you have a quick view of all
the Mind Maps that you have posted and those that others have posted
too. In addition, you can see the comments that you have made on
anything within NovaMind Connect. There are also preferences for
receiving notifications when people comment on your Mind Maps.

You can also invite other members to become your friends within
NovaMind Connect. Once connected, you can receive notifications when
they have uploaded new Mind Maps, and you can communicate with them
directly through the built in messaging system. You can also view
other peoples’ profiles and see the Mind Maps that they have posted
and the comments that they have made about the Mind Maps.

You can also download any Mind Map document that has been uploaded,
using it for your Mind Mapping needs, and each Mind Map automatically
has a JPEG image and PDF image available to be downloaded directly
from NovaMind Connect.

NovaMind Connect also has a built in RSS feed that lists all the
latest documents, so you can subscribe to the feed and be notified of
the latest Mind Map postings as they are added. The app is free for
all users of NovaMind Pro and Platinum.