CobraMobile ( has released Mouse About, a
fast paced touch screen puzzler from the creators of the iPhone game,
Numba. Mouse About costs US$2.99 and is available at the (a
href=””TARGET=”_blank”)Apple App

The aim of Mouse About is to solve all the food puzzles by guiding
Marv the hungry little mouse around the screen from one piece of food
to another. He will then scoff the food down and wait impatiently for
you to guide him to the next tasty morsel. Marv will have to eat all
of the food onscreen to successfully progress onto the next puzzle.
Each puzzle is played against the clock and you lose a life if you’re
beaten by the clock. No two games are ever the same as the puzzles
dynamically respond to the players skill level.

The Any Touch game mechanic lets you play by touching anywhere on the
screen, making for some fast interaction.