XChange International (http://www.xchangeuk.com/) has released four
more XTensions products for QuarkXPress 8 for Macintosh. The
XTensions are available for upgrade from earlier versions as well as
for new users.

ProPack 8 for Mac contains 15 professional grade XTensions. FlexScale
is for users who work with flexographic output from QuarkXPress. The
XTension lets users disproportionally scale a document as it is
output to a printer or other device.

Nametag automatically labels all of the placed graphics in a
QuarkXPress document. Crops XT creates crop and registration marks,
as well as color and grey bars, around any selected object or group
on the QuarkXPress document page.

ProPack, FlexScale, Nametag and Crops XT for QuarkXPress 8, as well
as for earlier versions, are available now through XChange
International via electronic delivery worldwide.