Network storage provider QNAP Systems has unveiled the QGet remote
download control utility for Mac users to improve their experience of
using the Download Station of Turbo NAS series. The Download Station
is a l function of QNAP’s Linux-embedded Turbo NAS, which supports
computer-less BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP download.

In addition to using the web browser to access the web-based Download
Station, Mac users can now use the QGet utility to remotely manage
multiple download tasks of one to many QNAP NAS servers from LAN or
over the Internet. For example, the users can view the download
percentage, pause/ restart/ delete the download tasks, set schedule
download, or configure the download settings of different NAS servers.

The QGet remote download management utility is available in Mac and
Windows versions with multilingual support, .e.g. English,
Traditional & Simplified Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and
Italian. QNAP Turbo NAS users can download the software from the
official web site at