Oranged Software ( has released Studiometry 9.0, an update to the Mac OS X compatible software for companies to organize, plan, invoice, track and create client and project data. The new version purportedly adds 140 improvements.

A number of user-requested CRM features have been added to the program, including direct integration with Apple Mail and the ability to automatically import, log, and link emails to Studiometry data. Oranged has also revamped Studiometry’s capabilities to store and display contact information. Contacts records can now have an unlimited number of completely customizable fields containing text, dates, or URLs. Contact lists have been redesigned to greatly improve both beauty and functionality, according to the folks at Oranged.

In Studiometry 9, you can now create Client Statements showing a running balance of projects, invoices, and payments. There’s also a Project “Quoted vs. Actual” report that offers an overview of the current status of all projects and any upcoming budgetary overages. Other features include PDF exporting capabilities, cost-rate tracking, Growl support, huge speed and stability improvements, iCloud and MobileMe calendar support, Gantt chart improvements, and more.

Studiometry 9 costs US$199.95 for new users. Upgrades from version 8.x are $59.95. Multi-User packs and bundles with our other apps are also available.