Another day, another lawsuit. According to “MacRumors (, Apple has sued New York City teenager Fei Lam and his parents for selling US$130,000 worth of white iPhone 4 parts in the months between Apple’s promise of a white iPhone and its actual arrival.

Lam claimed that he had developed a secondhand relationship with someone at Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn who had been supplying him with parts, notes “MacRumors.” At the time, the report noted that Lam had been contacted by a purported private investigator who claimed that Lam was trafficking in stolen goods, and Lam’s site ( disappeared soon after.

However, Apple also filed a voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit at the same time, suggesting that a settlement has may have been reached, reports “MacRumors.” Still, Apple’s request for dismissal without prejudice means that the company reserves the right to refile the claim at some point in the future.