Spellex introduces new Web site spell checking service

TAMPA, FL – Spellex announces the release of the Spellex Web Site Spelling
Service, a new tool which allows you to check the spelling accuracy of your
Web site’s valuable content. With this new service, you will no longer have
to worry about spelling errors on your company’s Web site.

Benefits: Spellex’s Web Site Spelling Service error technology accesses
every page linked to your home page and verifies each word for spelling
accuracy. Once complete, the report is reviewed by Professional Editors and
e-mailed to you. Once you have the Spellex Web Site Spelling Service, you
can be free from spelling errors and embarrassing negative impressions! By
using the Spellex Web Site Spelling Service, you can correct spelling
errors and maximize your search phrases and keyword results, which will
improve your overall Web site optimization.

Spellex Web Site Spelling Service Features:

* One Instant report contains every spelling error on your site.

* Each spelling error includes the page on which it is located.

* All errors are reviewed by our Professional Editors.

* Includes a quick site summary result.

* Features built-in Spelling Mistake Highlighter.

* Requires no software, nothing to download or install!

* Rely on Spellex as do hundreds of thousands of customers.

Prices for the Spellex Web Site Spelling Service start at $99.95. The
service is also available in US English or UK English.

To order or request product information or a free evaluation, visit the
Spellex Web site at http://www.spellex.com/products/spxweb/ or contact
Spellex at 800-442-9673 or 813-792-7000.