New Take Control ebook guides readers through setting up a successful
Leopard backup strategy: buying a hard drive, setting up software, making
backups, and restoring files.

Ithaca, NY USA (January 29, 2008) — Despite Apple’s whizzy demos, there’s
more to a disaster-proof Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard backup strategy than turning
on Time Machine. In the new “Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard,” Joe
Kissell, author of the best-selling “Take Control of Mac OS X Backups,”
covers the ins and outs of Time Machine and helps readers create a
comprehensive backup strategy that includes offsite backups and a bootable

Kissell walks readers through the process of selecting and preparing a
backup drive, and setting up and using Time Machine. He also looks at seven
situations where Time Machine isn’t enough, how to create a bootable
duplicate, how handle offsite backups, and – most importantly – what to do
if you need to recover data from a backup. Learn more at

Along with “Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard,” the Take Control
series welcomed an updated version of “Take Control of Maintaining Your
Mac” to its lineup. The ebook, also by Kissell and completely revised to
cover both Tiger and Leopard, provides daily, weekly, and yearly schedules
for keeping a Mac running smoothly and avoiding problems. Learn more at

Take Control editor in chief Tonya Engst said, “If you’re concerned that
just using Time Machine puts too many of your eggs in one basket, you’re
right! ‘Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard’ will help you make
worry-free backups that can withstand a wide variety of unfortunate events.”

Book Details:
“Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 83 pages, free 19-page sample available
Publication date: December 14, 2007
Ebook Price: $10

“Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 87 pages, free 22-page sample available
Publication date: January 29, 2008
Ebook Price: $10

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