Two New Antennas Boost Wireless Reception in Apple Titanium PowerBook G4s
and PowerBook G4 Pismo models 50% or More

WICHITA, Kan. –04/08/03– QuickerTek has just announced two new antennas
that boost wireless connectivity up to 50% for all [APPL] Apple PowerBook
Titanium G4 users and PowerBook G3 ‘Pismo’ portables with Airport cards.
These new antennas are shipping now for a retail price of $79.95 for the Ti
Whip and $39.95 for the Ti Antenna.

Wireless reception for PowerBook Titanium users in particular has been a
sore spot since first implemented. Insufficient range and inconsistent
network connections are common complaints. These new QuickerTek antennas
work with the Airport card by extending the antenna outside of the
PowerBook case, boosting range and connection stability.

Both antennas are compatible with Mac OS X and 9.x and require no drivers
or software installation. A CD of relevant software is included for

Installation Users open the PowerBook, exposing the Airport card, remove
the cable connection to the internal antennas, connect the new antenna
wire, thread this wire through the PCMCIA slot opening and then attach the
cable to the external antenna stub of the Ti Antenna which resides in the
PCMCIA slot opening or to the Ti Whip antenna velcro’d to the top half of
the PowerBook case. Use of either of these new antennas prevent the use of
the PCMCIA slot for other purposes. Removing the Airport card from its
original slot and placing it in the PCMCIA slot is not an option due to the
engineering of the Airport card.

The Ti Antenna is only as wide as the PCMCIA slot and less than 1/2 inch
thick, extending out from the PowerBook. This antenna is ideal for those
who use their PowerBook as more of a desktop replacement. The Ti Whip
antenna is more convenient and can be oriented so that reception is
optimized for varying environments – ideal for those who are mobile a
majority of the time. A small patch of Velcro(r) fixes the taller antenna
to the top of the PowerBook clamshell. This provides the flexibility to
reposition the antenna for optimum wireless reception.

These new QuickerTek wireless antennas can be purchased from
TechnoWarehouse at or for complete details and for product information.

About QuickerTek QuickerTek was created to develop Apple Macintosh
enhancements. Its founders have more than a decade of Macintosh development
experience and a love for the platform. QuickerTek is located in the
‘hotbed of Mac development’, Wichita, Kansas.

For product information and purchase options, contact QuickerTek at 7777 E.
Osie Street, Suite 304B, Wichita, Kansas 67207, 316-691-1585, email at or visit the web site at