Apple has updated its Hot Deals section with the latest offerings from MacZone, MacWarehouse, B&H, and the Apple Specialists. MacZone has great deals on a wide variety of products for your Mac, including Adobe Design Collection, TurboTax 2002, Connectix Virtual PC, SmartDisk FireLite 30GB FireWire hard drive, and much more. MacWarehouse has great prices on SmartDisk SmartScan scanners, Griffin PowerPod, Fantom 120GB external FireWire hard drive, and more. B&H has great prices on a wide selection of digital cameras and camcorders, color inkjet printers, and scanners. The Apple Specialists have great deals on a selection of products including, Aladdin StuffIt Deluxe, Spring Cleaning, and Ten for X Utilities; FileMaker and QuickBooks bundle rebate offer; and a free Epson Stylus C42UX color inkjet printer with the purchase of any new Mac.