Nemetschek North America is pleased to announce that Jonathan
Pickup’s latest training guide, “3D Modeling in Vectorworks,” is now

The tutorial is a workbook for anyone seeking to learn how to
free-form model with Vectorworks. It’s filled with exercises aimed at
building a foundation of 3D Vectorworks skills. Specifically, the
tutorial will show users how to create 3D forms through the use of
extrudes, sweeps, solids, NURBS, loft surfaces, and 3D primitives.

Although the tutorial is based on version 2009, it can be used
successfully with prior versions of Vectorworks, according to Pickup.
In addition, the manual is appropriate for both students and
professionals and provides a very practical approach to learning 3D
Vectorworks skills, he adds. The hard-copy workbook comes with a
companion CD that contains exercise files and the entire manual as a
PDF file with embedded instructional movies. Each workbook retails
for US$75.

This tutorial is part of Nemetschek North America’s self-paced
training options and is for people who like to learn on their own and
at their own pace. To read the sample chapters or to purchase the
tutorial, please go to:

A well-known Vectorworks user and author from New Zealand, Pickup has
created four tutorials: “Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual,” a
“project-based” training workbook; “Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial
Manual,” for new users; “Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual,”
comprised of a series of projects to teach concepts and techniques;
and “3D Modeling in Vectorworks,” a workbook that teaches 3D
Vectorworks skills. The author is an architect trained in New
Zealand and in the UK with over 30 years of experience.