Livescribe ( and Vision
Objects have announced the availability of a
handwriting-to-text transcription service for Mac
users, bringing handwriting-recognition software
to a larger community of Pulse smartpen users.
Mac users can download a 30-day free trial or buy
MyScript for Livescribe online from Vision
Objects, an expert in ergonomic, easy-to-use
alternatives for text input.
“Handwriting-to-text transcription has been one
of the most frequently requested applications
from our Mac user community, and we are very
excited to finally be able to provide this
capability through our partnership with Vision
Objects” saysEric Petitt, senior director of
marketing for Livescribe. “Vision Objects is
known for providing the highest recognition
accuracy in the market, with confidence second to
With MyScript for Livescribe, Pulse smartpen
users can make edits to their converted text and
even create a personal dictionary of frequently
used words, names, abbreviations or terms for an
even more accurate conversion. They can also:

° Directly send handwritten notes from Livescribe Desktop to MyScript;

° Convert shapes, drawings and tables, as well as handwriting;

° Send edited text to Microsoft Word or email, or save it as a picture file.
Vision Objects has been developing handwriting
recognition technology for laboratories,
universities and corporations worldwide since

“Livescribe’s ‘computer-in-a-pen’ radically
transforms the way students take notes
collectively as well as individually,” sayd
Jean-Marc A* choun, vice president of sales and
marketing for Vision Objects. “Sharing
technologies such as pencasts and MyScript for
Livescribe invite a new level of collaboration
likely to change the way people teach, learn and
create information.”

Pulse smartpen owners can download a free 30-day
trial or purchase MyScript at
Mac users must be operating Mac OS X 10.4 on
higher on an Intel processor.