PasswordWallet 4.3 for iPhone:

We’ve written PasswordWallet for the iPhone! Yes, really!

And in case you haven’t heard, PasswordWallet for iPhone works great,
even after Apple’s latest system upgrades for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
PasswordWallet for iPhone gives you access to your passwords on your
iPhone: no internet connection or hacks required. And it’s all secured
with 448-bit BlowFish.

4.3 brings the ability to open URLs in new windows so you can pop back
and forth to make reference to usernames and passwords. This update also
includes font size preferences, larger targets for clicking rows, a
faster display, and better handling of large password databases.

PasswordWallet 4.3 for Mac OS X:
4.3 for Mac OS X adds a much requested “Synchronize Files” Automator
Action, CSV import for Splash ID users, reworked preferences for showing
or hiding bullets, more features for commanding web pages when
auto-typing, better color conversions for non-RGB selections, small font
preferences, and a healthy number of fixes for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5).

SmartWrap 2.7.4 for Mac OS X:
Our very first product gets another update! SmartWrap now includes
preferences for font sizes, a compatibility update for Leopard Mail, and
a Leopard compatible installer for all its plug-ins including support
for BBEdit, MailSmith,, Eudora, AppleScript, and much more.


PasswordWallet(R) for iPhone Home Page:

PasswordWallet(R) for Mac OS X Home Page and Download:

SmartWrap(tm) for Mac OS X Home Page and Download:


For all users:

PasswordWallet for iPhone is $10.

For new New Users:

PasswordWallet for iPhone is $10.
PasswordWallet for Mac is $20.
PasswordWallet for Palm is $15.
SmartWrap for Mac OS X is $18.

Buy one item, get $2.50 off the second.

For existing PasswordWallet 4.x for Mac OS X Users:

Upgrade to 4.3 for Mac OS X for free!

For existing PasswordWallet 4.x for iPhone Users:

Upgrade to 4.3 for iPhone for free!

For existing SmartWrap 2.x for Mac Users:

Upgrade to 2.7.4 for Mac OS X for free!

Upgrades from previous major versions:

Upgrades from each product’s previous major version are available at a
substantial discount on our web site. Just visit
for more information.