Managing Editor (MEI), an Adobe premier development partner and a
provider of software solutions for the publishing industry, has
released InPorter, a new add-on utility developed by MEI for the
vjoon K4 Publishing System. InPorter automatically ingests several
different types of external content and their metadata into the K4

InPorter is a server-side tool that streamlines the process of moving
content into K4, the editorial solution integrating Adobe InDesign
and Adobe InCopy, for use in production. It handles any kind of
object that can be managed in the K4 system, including InCopy
documents, InDesign layouts, pictures, ads, multimedia and more.

Using InPorter’s Web interface, an administrator can configure
workflows for different types of content to be dropped in InPorter’s
watched folders. When content arrives — from a digital asset
management system, wire service, database, syndication partner, Web
site or another K4 publication, for example — InPorter checks it
into K4, applying the defined metadata for that type of content. The
files immediately show up on the to-do list of the users to whom
they’ve been assigned and can be incorporated into a publication

InPorter also has specific XML-processing capabilities for ingesting
XML content, automatically turning it into a new InCopy article and
checking it into the K4 workflow with its metadata. Additionally,
InPorter can tap into the scripting and automation features built
into InCopy and Adobe InDesign Server to perform various functions to
articles and layouts being imported into a K4 publication.

InPorter 1.1 is available now. It’s compatible with K4 version 5.9
and Adobe Creative Suite 3 and 4. For more details, go here: