FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 12, 2007 – D-Link, the end-to-end networking
solutions provider for consumer and business, today announced plans to
begin shipping two next-generation additions to its popular xStack 3600
switch family – the 24-port DGS-3627 and the 48-port DGS-3650. Both are
stackable feature-rich Layer 3 Gigabit switches that offer support for
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) routing, and 10-Gigabit copper or fiber

The D-Link xStack DGS-3627 is a 24-port gigabit managed switch with 3
optional 10-Gigabit ports. The D-Link DGS-3650 is a 48-port gigabit managed
switch with 2 optional 10Gb ports. The 3600 series incorporates robust
features and protocols designed to fulfill even the most demanding network
applications and supports optional physical stacking up to 12 units or
optional 10-Gigabit fiber or 10-Gigabit copper uplinking to additional
networked devices.

“These two significant additions to our popular xStack 3600 series allow
businesses faster, more efficient switching solutions while also providing
support for IPv6 routing,” said AJ Wang, chief technical officer for
D-Link. “Both the DGS-3627 and 3650 are suited to the small-to-medium
business (SMB) as well as the local Government and educational sector. The
3600 series offers
10-Gigabit connectivity with IPv6 support, thus
ensuring the network is “future-proofed” for cost efficiency and longevity
as well as fulfilling government requirements for IPv6 capable networking
devices in the coming years.”

The D-Link DGS-3627 and 3650 offer an affordable alternative to a chassis
switch. Their redundant stacking architecture provides backup should a
switch fail, preventing downtime and lost productivity. They also offer
efficient traffic monitoring, debugging and analysis for managing
high-speed networks.
D-Link is among the first manufacturers to offer
expanded IP address IPv6 capability, the next level of IP addressing which
government and education organizations have been mandated to adopt by 2008.
The xStack 3600 series switches provide the essential expanded address
space needed to future-proof your network, while at the same time providing
improved performance and enhanced security.

In addition, the D-Link xStack DGS-3627 and 3650 offer a variety of
authentication methods. It supports MAC based Access Control (MAC) as well
as Web-based Access Control (WAC),which prompts for username and password
before allowing network access.

The xStack 3627 and 3650 also incorporates support for Microsoft’s Network
Access Protection (NAP) protocol. NAP is a policy enforcement technology
built into the Windows Vista that allows customers to better protect
network assets from unhealthy computers by enforcing compliance with
network health policies.

With Microsoft NAP support, the xStack 3627 and 3650 switches will grant
each network host access only if it complies with IT security policies such
as up-to-date anti-virus signatures and operating system patches.

To help further secure the network, these switches feature D-Link’s
Safeguard Engine to help prevent Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks as well a
robust set of Access Control Lists (ACL) to enhance network security.

Key Features and Benefits:

* Full dynamic routing with support for IPv4 & IPv6

* Support for advanced Layer 3 protocols RIP, SPF, VRRP, IGMP, DVMRP,

* Supports 24/48 1000BASE-T ports with up to 3 optional 10-Gigabit connections

* Mix and match optional 10 Gigabit fiber XFP and copper CX4 transceivers
to meet user network needs

* Advanced L2/3/4 QoS and Access Control Lists

* 40 Gigabit stacking backplane with physical data stacking up to 12 units

* D-Link’s Safeguard Engine for added protection from Denial of Service attacks

Price and Availability

The DGS-3627 and DGS-3650 will be available in early October through
D-Link’s network of value-added resellers, solution providers and
distributors, or at the company’s online store, www.dlinkshop.com, for the
manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $3209.99 for the DGS-3627
and (MSRP) $5889.99 for the DGS-3650. More information is available by
visiting D-Link’s website, www.dlink.com, or tuning into D-LinkTV at

About D-Link

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