Billable 1.2: Better, Faster, Scriptable.

Folsom, PA — September 12, 2007 — Clickable Bliss today announced the
release and immediate availability of Billable 1.2, an update to the easy
to use Mac OS X service and invoice tracking application that now features:
better email support, new calendar-based date pickers, a new quantity
service type, AppleScript support and more.

Billable is an application for Mac OS X that helps you keep track of the
billable services you perform for a client and then lets you create and
manage invoices based on those services.

“Version 1.2 of Billable introduces a number of highly requested features
as well as some nice speed and architectural improvements,” explained Mike
Zornek, creator of Billable. “In particular, the introduction of
AppleScript will allow Billable to be customized to fit the needs of even
the most challenging workflows.”

New in version 1.2:

* Create pre-addressed emails with PDF invoices attached via a single button
* Invoice quantities of items and have Billable calculate the total.
* Choose dates using a new visual calendar popup.
* Integrate your custom workflow needs via AppleScript.
* Write verbose service descriptions in the new per-service note field.
* Mark invoices as due on receipt rather than a specific day.
* Experience faster PDF viewing, easier service editing and more!


To help introduce Billable to new users, Clickable Bliss has created a
short (less than 5 minutes) QuickTime screencast introduction that walks
you through basic setup and operation. For those already using Billable
there is also a screencast review of what’s new in version 1.2. All
screencasts are catalogued online at:

Pricing and Availability

A free 30 day demo of Billable is available from the Clickable Bliss website.

A Billable license can be purchased for the price of $34.95 directly from
the Clickable Bliss online store, which accepts all major credit cards as
well as PayPal.

Billable requires Mac OS X 10.4.4 and is a Universal Binary.

Billable 1.2 is a free update for all registered users of Billable.

About Clickable Bliss

Clickable Bliss is a small company based in Delaware County (just south of
Philadelphia, PA) and operated by its founder Mike Zornek. Clickable Bliss
is devoted to developing simple, easy to use software for both Mac OS X and
the web. For more information, visit: