On Thursday, January 28, 2004 CG Software released CG Invoicer v. 1.83.

CG Software has released CG Invoicer, available for Macintosh OS X
and Classic. Designed for independent business owners, CG Invoicer
helps with your administrative needs so you can focus on driving the
growth of your business.

CG Invoicer generates an invoice with the click of a button and keeps
them for later reference, so you will always be on top of your
outstanding invoices. It has reporting features to show all open
invoices or just ones that have been open thirty days or longer. You
can also create reports of all products or services sold to each
customer, to maintain a clear perspective of your best customers.

Version 1.83 includes several enhancements and minor bug fixes:
Product list can now be sorted by price.
Field added in Products for wholesale price.
CapsLock no longer interferes with creating a new product in Line Items.
Added menu commands for New Invoice and New Invoice Line Item.
Adding a line item now moves the cursor to the new item number field.
Custom field added to email invoice options.
Purchase Orders can now be generated.
Line Item discounts can be either a percentage or dollar amount.
All Open Invoice screen report now can sort by Name, Date or Total.
Reconcile report now includes Payment Type.
Item dates now refer to Date Invoiced rather than invoice creation
date for reporting.

CG Invoicer v. 1.83 runs under MacOS 8.6 or higher or Mac OS X. It
costs $69 per seat. You can download a free demo and learn more on
our website at http://www.cginvoicer.com For more information,
contact CG Software, 22 E. 67th St., Savannah, GA 31405. Phone:
(912) 354-0861. Internet: http://www.chickengirl.com . E-mail:
support@cginvoicer.com .