ConnecteDevice says its cookoo watch is launching on Kickstarter. The cookoo watch is a wearable technology that extends your smartphone to your wrist.

The cookoo uses Bluetooth wireless technology to let you know what’s happening on your phone in real time — even if your phone is out of sight. It lets you know when you receive a call, text, Facebook message, calendar notification and more. The cookoo watch is compatible with the latest Bluetooth SMART READY devices such as the iPhone 4S, new iPad, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 and more.

All alerts can be customized and prioritized based on your preferences via the Connected App so the cookoo watch will only display the information that you want. When a notification is received, the corresponding icon will appear on the face of the watch along with a discreet beep or vibration. For example, if you receive a Facebook message then the social networking icon will appear.

The cookoo watch’s Command button can be configured with the Connected App. It allows you to find your phone, check-in on apps like Facebook, tag your location on the Connected App’s map, or take a group picture remotely.

The folks at ConnecteDevice says the cookoo watch does not need to be recharged. You can purportedly use it for up to a year (depending upon usage) before replacing the standard button-cell battery.

The cookoo watch will come in a variety of colors: black on black, brushed stainless on black, blue on black, white on black, and green on black (special Kickstarter edition). It’s expected to retail for US$99.95 with blue and white color editions retailing for $129.95.

For more info on the ookoo watch, check out its Kickstarter page ( or .