MacAppProcess is a plug-in that extends the Application class in a number
of useful ways, with properties to get the app’s FolderItem, MacCreator,
and Name, and with a method to send the app to the front. It can also tell
you if your app is running under Mac OS X or Classic emulation.

Verson 1.0.2 adds support for bundled applications.

App.CarbonParentBundle as FolderItem: Get a reference to your app’s
containing bundle.
App.CarbonBundleResource(“”) as FolderItem: Easy access to
any file in the bundle’s Resources folder.
App.CarbonBundleResourcesFolder as FolderItem: Get a reference to the
bundle’s Resources folder.
App.CarbonRegisterHelp: Register your bundle’s HelpBook with the system.

Compatible with all REALbasic platforms.

Download it here: (

Read the documentation, including useage restrictions, here:


Paul Mitchum