Wednesday, June 5, 2002. AKTIV Software Corporation and Maxum Development
are pleased to announce that Phantom, the popular Web site indexing and
search solution, is now available directly from AKTIV Software. For the
past 5 years, Phantom has been sold and supported by Maxum, though it was
originally developed by AKTIV Software.

“Phantom is a great product, and one we are proud to have helped create”,
said John O’Fallon, founder of Maxum. “However, as the only package Maxum
didn’t solely develop, and as our only product available for Windows as
well as Mac, completely integrating Phantom into our product lineup has
been impossible. We’re happy to see Phantom go back completely into the
hands of it’s original development team.”

“We are enthusiastic to have Phantom return, and are anxious to develop a
closer relationship with the Phantom community,” said Flemming Andersen,
President of AKTIV Software. “With AKTIV once again directly responsible
for sales, support, and ongoing development, we look forward to evolving
Phantom. Our first priority is to release a MacOS X version of Phantom.”

Phantom is designed for use by Web developers, and combines a Web crawler,
indexer, and search engine into a single, comprehensive solution. Many
developers use Phantom to add “Search This Site” capabilities to their Web
sites, while others use it to allow Web visitors to perform a single search
across many Web servers throughout a university, corporation, school
district or any other distributed organization. Phantom can even be used to
power search capabilities for small, targeted portals or for all of the Web
sites hosted by an ISP.

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