In an interview with c|net, Steve Jobs discusses QuickTime 6 and MPEG-4 licensing (“The licensing stuff is getting worked out. It isn’t totally worked out yet.”), the significance of MPEG-4 (“You can deliver incredible streaming video with MPEG-4… It’s going to create whole new industries, because it’s going to create a world standard.”), Apple’s decision to sell the eMac to everyone (“We can build more than we thought; we are in the business of selling computers to people who want to buy them and we’ve got a lot of customers who say they want to buy this product.”), how the eMac will fit in with the iMac (“You don’t get that luscious flat-panel display, but you do save $300. I think everyone will want the iMac, but the eMac is a pretty good product for $300 less.”), Dell and the education market (“We’re certainly not taking it lying down, and we’re certainly doing our best… We’re doing OK, and Dell is doing very well in education as well.), and more.