— Free Upgrade, Now More Customizable with User and Host Interfaces
Completely Localizable —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 5, 2002 — Web Crossing, Inc., provider of the
world’s leading communications software for online collaboration and
community, today announced Team Crossing v2.0, now with fully localizable
user and host interface, expanded look and feel customization features, and
new custom positioning for optional site elements. Team Crossing 2.0 is
available today as a free upgrade to all registered Team Crossing 1.x
users. For a complete list of Team Crossing features, including new
localization features, new customization features and bug fixes, or to
download Team Crossing 2.0, see (http://www.webcrossing.com/tc20).

“Team Crossing 2.0 takes strong customization to a whole new level,”
explained Tim Lundeen, president and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc. “Building on
the extensive customizability of the underlying Web Crossing engine, Team
Crossing’s complete localization system for both end-user interface and
host interface is a fantastic step forward. Team Crossing can now be used
for intranets in any language, empowering groups around the world to get
more done faster with effective online communications tools.”

Team Crossing 2.0 is now fully localizable in as many languages as a host
chooses to provide translations, implemented across all end-user and host
pages, including discussion areas, user calendar, webmail and more. Hosts
provide translations using the simple spreadsheet-based localization
system. Users can now choose to view Team Crossing in their preferred
language from those the host supports.

Now in Team Crossing 2.0 sitewide wrapper settings make it easy to add and
rearrange custom menus or content blocks, swap the nav column location
between right and left sides, and more, all within easy-to-use
browser-based administration pages which implement the changes immediately
for the entire site. Other look and feel customization features in version
2.0 include new options for resizing the nav menu or content cells, a new
optional third-column cell containing sysop-defined HTML, new color setting
options and more.

Team Crossing 2.0 now includes a new area on the desktop page for
sysop-defined HTML, plus new settings for toggling on/off nav menu links
,and rearranging items in the nav menu and on the desktop page. For a
complete list of Team Crossing features, including new localization
features, new customization features and bug fixes see
(http://www.webcrossing.com/tc20). A demonstration of Team Crossing is
available at (http://demo.teamcrossing.com/).

Pricing and Availability
Team Crossing 2.0 is available today as a free upgrade for all registered
v1.x users. Team Crossing is available licensed either on a per-seat or
traffic basis. Team Crossing is also available to test drive for 30-days
risk free with a 1T Evaluation license. For details on all licenses,
including pageview equivalents for email, NNTP, and chat messages, see

Team Crossing is also available as a server hosted (ASP) solution for
optimal uptime, starting at $65/month with an add-on option for SSL.
Customization and Community Management Consulting is available for all Web
Crossing licensed and server hosted installations. Priority support is
available on an annual subscription basis.

Team Crossing’s Underlying Web Crossing Software Team Crossing is a Web
Crossing-based intranet/extranet collaboration and document management
solution optimized for workgroup use. Team Crossing sites contain a top
level portal-like desktop area for each user, a general internal discussion
area, and an unlimited number of open or access-controlled project areas.
Its Web Crossing foundation features threaded or linear discussions,
integrated newsgroups and mailing lists, full email services, secure
communications, personal calendar, real-time chat and live event
functionality, all highly extensible with powerful web application
programming capabilities.

About Web Crossing, Inc.
Web Crossing, Inc. is the Internet’s virtual-communities powerhouse,
committed to providing high-quality software and related services at a fair
price. Web Crossing software is scalable, customizable and highly
extensible to address the needs of virtual communities and collaborative
groups. Privately held, Web Crossing, Inc. runs its own business using Web
Crossing to work with its customers and employees across the world.
Award-winning Web Crossing software serves millions of pages per day at
thousands of sites, including well-known, high traffic sites as eBay.com,
The NY Times, Apple and Autodesk. Further information on Web Crossing
software and Web Crossing, Inc. may be obtained by calling toll-free (866)
725-0030, accessing Web Crossing’s Web site at
(http://www.webcrossing.com), or sending email to info@webcrossing.com.