New Gefen Extender Boosts HDMI Signal Longer Distances Over CAT-5 Cable

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – Enhanced functionality in the Gefen HDMI CAT-5 MS
Extreme extension system enables a greater span of HDTV delivery over two
industry-standard category-5 cables.

The Gefen HDMI CAT-5 MS Extreme offers a cost-effective and reliable method
of HDMI signal extension, providing a 100-foot distance increase over the
HDMI CAT-5 Extreme.

The unit delivers high definition resolutions (1080i to 300 feet; 1080p to
150 feet) and digital audio to the extended display or projector in HDMI

The real-time, long distance delivery of robust video and audio signals
over economical category-5 cabling makes it ideally suited for digital
upgrades and installations using in conduit cabling.

Engineered to withstand catgory-5 cable skew variations and extraneous
equipment noise, Gefen’s HDMI CAT-5 MS Extreme offers plug and play HDMI
extension with no signal losses or delays.

Operating through small sender and receiver units, both separately powered,
Gefen’s HDMI CAT-5 MS Extreme installs in minutes; it requires a simple
connection of the sender to the source and the receiver to the remote
display, linked together by two cables up to 300 feet.

HDMI audio and video are delivered to the extended receiver, enabling the
remote display to function as if connected locally.

DVI displays and sources may be connected to the system using one of
Gefen’s DVI and HDMI adapters.

MSRP: $549
Availability: pre-order