Check Out Network Problems from Home with InterMapper Remote

Hanover, NH – January 2, 2002 – Dartware LLC announces the release of
InterMapper Remote(TM), a new cross-platform, remote viewer application
that helps network managers, help desk staff and consultants see the
real-time status of routers, switches, servers and other networking
equipment via the Internet.

No more driving into the office to see what the problem is – InterMapper
Remote 1.0 provides a graphical view on the health and status of a remote
network. It shows which servers and devices are down, where heavy traffic
is flowing and where other network problems lie. Working in conjunction
with Dartware=92s flagship InterMapper (R) product, InterMapper Remote
receives its data from an InterMapper server running at the network site
being monitored.

=93InterMapper Remote provides shared access without platform restrictions.
This means Mac, Windows and UNIX users have access to critical information
without restriction. It’s the logical next step from InterMapper’s Web and
Telnet views, working towards providing full access to status information
across the Internet,=94 says Chris Pepper, System Administrator at
Rockefeller University.

=93Net Wright monitors 27 sites, over 60 routers and UPSs, along with
critical servers and services, using InterMapper and InterMapper Remote,=94
says Mike Lieberman, President of Net Wright LLC. =93InterMapper Remote
allows our customers to read their maps in real time, providing peace of
mind that can’t be beat. It untethers our engineers, making for a far more
pleasant office environment and allows on-call staff to really understand
what the network is doing across relatively modest connections. There are
all sorts of tools available to network administrators, but none are more
essential than InterMapper with InterMapper Remote.=94

Features and benefits of InterMapper Remote include:

* Remote access to maps. Authorized individuals (either using
username/password or network address) can view maps from a remote location.

* Up-to-the-second information. Simply click and hold the mouse button on a
device or link and a pop-up window will display current network information.

* Acknowledge and silence alarms off site. When a fault occurs, the
InterMapper server running at the main site notifies the individual(s)
responsible for the system. With InterMapper Remote, the alarm is silenced
remotely and comments are added to the log files.

* Complete network information. Because the server runs inside the
firewall, InterMapper Remote has full access to all network statistics
collected by InterMapper.

* Minimized security risks. InterMapper Remote connects to its server
through a connection to a single, user-defined port. You’ll only need to
open one port on your firewall and direct that port’s data to the
InterMapper server. You can also set the InterMapper server to refuse
connections from all IP addresses except those of known authorized
InterMapper Remote clients.

Dartware will release InterMapper Remote at the Macworld Expo on January 8
in San Francisco. InterMapper Remote 1.0 is $195 with 60-day support.
Educational pricing and additional support subscriptions are also available.

To learn more about InterMapper Remote or download a free demo, please
visit our Web site at or stop
by Macworld Expo booth #3426.

About Dartware LLC
Hanover, NH-based Dartware LLC develops network monitoring, alerting and
troubleshooting software. Flagship product InterMapper=AE, a network
monitoring and alerting tool, was initially developed and implemented at
Dartmouth College to monitor the college’s campus network. The college
began marketing the software in July 1996 with great success and in April
2000 transferred software titles to Dartware. Today, Dartware LLC offers
additional products including InterMapper Remote, MacPing, SNMP Watcher,
Net-SNMP for MacOS X, as well as selected third-party hardware and software
products. Visit Dartware on the Web at