Monitor Service Level Agreements with InterMapper 3.6

Hanover, NH – January 2, 2002 – If you don=92t know what=92s happening on th=
network or if you aren=92t sure that you=92re getting the network services y=
paid for, version 3.6 of Dartware=92s InterMapper(R) can help. InterMapper, =
network monitoring and alerting program, allows corporations, ISPs and
educational institutions to get detailed information about the uptime and
availability of network devices, servers and links.

InterMapper 3.6 includes probe timing and extensive logging facilities to
help network managers monitor the service levels provided by their ISPs.
InterMapper saves information such as packet loss, response time and
availability to log files, and network managers can review stats monthly to
decide if the service level matches the agreement.

=93The probe response time metric is a welcome addition to the improved stri=
chart system,=94 says Doug Weathers, Network Administrator at St. Charles
Medical Center in Bend, Oregon. =93I love the fact that strip charts can hol=
unlimited data, even across restarts. Now I can collect comprehensive,
trustworthy history information on any part of my network.=94

New InterMapper 3.6 features include:

* Background Images for Maps. Give context to maps by placing a graphical
image (such as a city map, campus map or floor plan) behind the items in an
InterMapper window. Now you=92ll know that the router is located in the
wiring closet on the third floor.

* Response Time Measurements. Measure the time a device takes to respond.
Chart and log measurements to monitor trends and watch for troubles.

* SNMPv2c and 64-bit Counters. Want an accurate display of the data rates
of very high-speed interfaces? Now you can poll SNMPv2c MIB variables for
devices that support 64-bit counters.

* Persistent Chart Data. Write chart data to disk – and restore it even
after quitting and relaunching. Save unlimited amounts of strip chart data
with an unlimited number of values.

* Outages Window. This new window provides easy way to review recent
outages and their durations.

* Multiple Log Files. Save different kinds of log information to several
log files, separating major failure alerts from Web page access logs, etc.

* New Probes. Test Simple Network Pager Protocol (SNPP) servers.

In addition, InterMapper 3.6 supports InterMapper Remote(TM), a new remote
viewer application that provides a live display of maps of the network via
the Internet. It is no longer necessary to be on site to see the extent of
a network glitch network managers, help desk staff and consultants can use
InterMapper Remote to view the operational status of the network from any
off-site location at any time.

=93InterMapper 3.6 is the keystone of our network management strategy. Our
engineers and operations staff use it 24/7 to monitor the network,=94 says
Stephen Campbell, Network Manager at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.

Dartware will release InterMapper 3.6 at the Macworld Expo on January 8 in
San Francisco. InterMapper 3.6 is priced by the number of devices being
monitored; pricing ranges from $295 for 10 devices to $2,395 for unlimited
devices. Educational pricing and additional support subscriptions are also

To learn more about InterMapper or download a free demo, please visit our
Web site at or stop by Macworld Expo booth

About Dartware LLC
Hanover, NH-based Dartware LLC develops network monitoring, alerting and
troubleshooting software. Flagship product InterMapper=AE, a network
monitoring and alerting tool, was initially developed and implemented at
Dartmouth College to monitor the college’s campus network. The college
began marketing the software in July 1996 with great success and in April
2000 transferred software titles to Dartware. Today, Dartware LLC offers
additional products including InterMapper Remote, MacPing, SNMP Watcher,
Net-SNMP for MacOS X, as well as selected third-party hardware and software
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