SUMMARY: PreFab Software releases UI Actions 1.2, a major new version of UI
Actions, bringing “universal attachability” to AppleScript. Version 1.2 is
now a Universal Binary. Download it at

North Andover, MA — March 8, 2007 — PreFab Software, Inc. and Bill
Cheeseman today announced the release of version 1.2 of PreFab UI Actions.
UI Actions is now a Universal Binary that runs natively both on Power PC
Macintosh computers and the new Intel Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro
and MacBook.

UI Actions 1.2 contains several new features and improvements. It requires
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or newer, and it supports all of the new GUI Scripting
and Accessibility enhancements introduced by Apple in Tiger.

UI Actions implements “universal attachability” for AppleScript. With UI
Actions, you attach an AppleScript script to a native Mac OS X application.
)From then on, the script will be triggered automatically every time the user
performs the actions you specify in the target application. A UI Action
script can respond to all manner of user actions, such as opening or
closing a window, selecting a menu item, editing a text field and many

PreFab UI Actions is universal. While Apple’s Folder Actions and Digital
Hub Actions are specialized tools that let your scripts respond when the
user performs narrowly defined tasks, UI Actions goes much further. It
allows any accessible user interface element in any application to trigger
a script in response to any supported user action. UI Actions opens up
whole new worlds of possibilities.

Download a free, full-featured 30-day trial version of UI Actions 1.2 now
at This trial version will work even if you
tried an older version of UI Actions more than 30 days ago.

UI Actions 1.2 is a free upgrade for licensed users. The price for new
users is $35, with quantity discounts available.

Selected new features and Bug Fixes in UI Actions 1.2:

* Updated Automator actions are now incorporated into the UI Actions helper
application, where they are automatically recognized by Automator. The
separate installer for Automator actions for UI Actions is no longer needed.

* New AppleScript properties now allow your UI action scripts to get the
‘current UI action’ and the ‘current UI action script’ without knowing
their names in advance. This makes it possible to write generic UI action
scripts that can get the ‘affected UI element’ and other information
regarding any target application without revising the script.

* UI Actions can now filter UI action scripts by the affected UI element’s
description, help and value Accessibility attributes, in addition to the
existing role, subrole, role description and title filters.

* Exported UI Actions Set files are now assigned a unique Uniform Type
Identifier, and they are indexed for Spotlight searches. For example, you
can search your system for UI Actions Set files containing UI actions that
target a named application or that attach a named UI action script.

* UI Actions works around a Mac OS X 10.4 AppleScript issue that caused the
‘count’ command to return 1 even when there were multiple UI actions or UI
action scripts attached to a target application.

PreFab Software, Inc. has unmatched experience controlling the GUI via
scripts, releasing PreFab Player in 1994 with continued sales and support
today for Mac OS 9 and earlier. In 2003, PreFab entered the world of Mac OS
X with PreFab UI Browser, a popular utility to support Apple’s new GUI
Scripting technology. PreFab UI Actions, implementing “universal
attachability” for AppleScript, followed in 2004. Download fully-functional
30-day trial versions at UI Browser and UI
Actions are based on Bill Cheeseman’s Cocoa framework for working with
Apple’s accessibility API.