Maxell has expanded its iPod accessories line with newly designed clock radio docks that offer AM/FM functionality, dual alarms, sleep modes, snooze capabilities, battery back-up and remote controls. Maxell’s Desktop is an AM/FM clock radio that serves as a speaker system, iPod charging station and picture frame that allows users to replace the standard iPod screen with their personal photographs. The Bedside Alarm Clock Radio delivers an extra large, backlit LCD screen with dimmer, shows date and time, and also gives consumers four speakers and a dynamic wave chamber for enhanced bass. Maxell is also introducing a new iPod Desktop/Wall Mount Alarm Clock Radio that can be set on a desk, tabletop or mounted on a wall. As with the entire product line, the iPod Desktop/Wall Mount Alarm Clock radio features AM/FM capability, a flash memory card reader, charging functionality and a sleek time and temperature weather display. Maxell’s One Dock, Bedside Alarm Clock Radio and Desktop/Wall Mount Alarm Clock Radio retail for $99.99, $149.99 and $199.99, respectively.