The Keizus Quadrapod + Clamp is a new, multi-functional tripod mount, stand and holder for smartphones and tablets.

The skeleton-like design resembles a crazy action figure and is made of two detachable parts, including the universal tripod clamp, and jointed mount that be configured in a variety of positions. The clamp fits any standard tripod that has a 1/4″ – 20 head mount thread size. It can be used separately from the clamp for
smaller photo equipment.

The Quadrapod arms and legs are connected with flexible
ball joints, which are completely detachable from the body.The Keizus
clamp can be adjusted to accommodate different devices, and includes a
protection mechanism to prevent any damage to your phone/tablet.

The Keizus Quadrapod + Clamp is made from engineering plastic that is purportedly stronger than steel. You can see the toughness test vs. the GorillaPod in action at .

The Quadrapod + Clamp combo is available in a snow-white and grey
color combination. It’s available for US$39.95 at .