WoodWing Software is entering the web-to-print market with the
release of Brand Station (http://www.woodwing.com/en/brand-station).
Whereas most such solutions are separate systems, Brand Station
integrates transparently with the company’s Enterprise content
publishing platform, providing workflow, media asset management and
multi-channel publishing at the same time, WoodWing President Erik

Brand Station is easy to install and to use, as users only need a Web
browser, he adds. The web-to-print process involves a brand owner,
designers and brand users. Designers create templates according to
the corporate design. The brand owner approves the templates and
provides them via the Web to a controlled group of brand users (e.g.
the subsidiaries). These users can access the templates through their
web browser and generate print-ready files.

Brand users can’t change the design; they can only customize the
templates with their own information. A brand owner can request an
optional approval step for every document. Finally, Brand Station
delivers the print-ready files to the brand user in various file
formats, including JPG, PDF or EPS; more formats can be added.

Brand Station will be available in August via licensing, as well as
in a subscription model.