Apple users who purchased their computers before 2009 are running
into a wall when considering purchasing a 24-inch Apple Cinema or any
of the new Mini DisplayPort monitors. The problem: DVI isn’t capable
of putting out a DisplayPort signal, making it impossible to use any
of the new displays offered by manufacturers such as Apple, Dell,
CinemaView with DVI computers.

Going from Mini DisplayPort to DVI is simple, and many products are
already on the market that allow this conversion. However there are
no products on the market that allow the opposite conversion, until

Atlona Technologies ( conversion box that will
convert DVI to Mini DisplayPort while maintaining the displays
optimal resolution and HDCP compatibility. Atlona’s new AT-DP200
inputs DVI and outputs Mini DisplayPort signal while passing along
all EDID and HDCP information. This device converts while allowing
your computer to scale to the optimal resolution offered by your
display including 1920 by 1200 or 1280 by 800, the company says.

The AT-DP200 will allow use of any Mini Display port product with and
DVI graphics card, meaning the new 24″ Cinema Displays from Apple can
be used by users with legacy Macs. It will start shipping in
mid-September with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$179.