New ebook teaches readers everything they need to know about how to
register, configure, and manage Internet domain names

Ithaca, NY USA (December 6, 2006) — Custom domain names are fun for
individuals and essential for organizations, but registering and
managing a domain name remains a topic that can perplex even
long-time computer users. The necessary advice is now available in
“Take Control of Your Domain Names,” a 103-page ebook from networking
expert Glenn Fleishman that covers domain names for those who want to
register their first domain name and those who already have a domain

Fleishman draws upon 12 years of experience with domain names
gathered while running numerous Internet sites, including one of the
first Web-hosting companies. For those who have never registered a
domain name, the ebook discusses how domain names work behind the
scenes and the best ways to decide upon and find an available domain
name. It then walks readers through the necessary steps to register a
domain name, configure it with a DNS host, and connect it with a Web
site and email presence. For those who already have their own
domains, Fleishman covers how to change registrars, DNS hosts, Web
hosts, and email providers; explains how to use dynamic DNS; and
offers troubleshooting tips for common DNS-related problems.
Additional sections include advice for buying and selling domain
names, instructions for using DNS lookup tools, and a glossary to
define DNS-related jargon.

The ebook includes a $10-off coupon for registering or transferring a
domain to easyDNS, a recommended registrar and DNS-hosting company.

“Although I’ve had my own domain name since the early 1990s, I’ve
always been confused about exactly who could do what when it came to
registering, hosting, and managing domain names,” said Take Control
publisher Adam Engst. “Glenn’s explanation of all the different roles
clarified a lot for me.”

easyDNS founder Mark Jeftovic commented, “‘Take Control of Your
Domain Names’ demystifies the arcane and Byzantine twists and turns
of domain registries and the competitive registrar landscape. The
mechanics of DNS, the dial tone of the Internet, is explained in
easy-to-understand terms, using common real-world scenarios. The
ebook should be required reading for IT managers, webmasters,
consultants, and anybody else earning a living on the Internet.”

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Book Details:
“Take Control of Your Domain Names” by Glenn Fleishman
PDF format, 103 pages, free 24-page sample available
Publication date: December 5, 2006
Price: $10

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