BERKELEY, Calif., Dec. 6, 2006 — Crooked Arm Corp. today opened the
beta testing program exclusively to FileMaker Solutions Alliance
(FSA) members for Eavesdrop, an upcoming utility for FileMaker Server
administrators that automatically monitors FileMaker servers and
generates custom notifications. FSA members can sign-up today to beta
test Eavesdrop at (

“Eavesdrop provides unprecedented assurance that administrators will
be first to know if there’s an access issue,” said Stuart Gripman,
founder and president of Crooked Arm. “Never before have
administrators had a product that lets them rest easy, knowing if a
system or file becomes unavailable, they can be notified almost

“Most administrators learn of a server problem when a frantic user
calls,” Gripman continued. “The user only knows she or he can’t open
a database, which sends the administrator on a fishing expedition to
track down the problem. Eavesdrop corrects that in two ways: by
notifying the administrator of a problem prior to the frantic call,
and by providing the administrator with details of the issue via
custom email and on-screen alerts.”

Eavesdrop is a customizable server administrator’s tool that monitors
the overall system availability, specific file availability and
specific account status. Eavesdrop can be configured to provide
information notifications to administrators directly on screen, via
email or text message. Eavesdrop can also trigger AppleScripts for
ultimate flexibility. Eavesdrop supports password protected FileMaker

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