We have released a new public beta of Myrmidon 2.0 on our web site. The new
version number is 2.0b7, and it fixes a number of bugs and add a few new

Myrmidon was introduced at the Boston Macworld keynote session last year.
It’s a Chooser extension that lets you convert any document to a Web page,
simply by printing it. Some of the new features in this version are:

o option to preview the Web page automatically upon saving to disk
o option to match a document’s line spacing (also known as leading)
o saves image files in a separate folder from the HTML file

I invite you to download the new version and tell me what you think of it.
It may be downloaded from our web site: (http://www.terrymorse.com/).

Please send your comments to (mailto:tmorse@terrymorse.com).

terry morse
Myrmidon author