MacDoc 1.2, Shareware by macnetic software

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New in 1.2

MacDoc Writer
– You’re now able to choose the language for the embedded viewer (see
MacDoc Viewer).
– MacDocuments can now optionally be printed in Black & White (color is
– Added option to save a page setup as default (e.g. A4 in Germany).
– Fixed bug when printing a page range.
– Fixed bug in custom page setup.

MacDoc Viewer
– Now available in English and German.
– Creating an index (automatically ) is now Font/Size/Style AND Color
– Better document handling (changed creator of srd’s)
– New enhanced information dialog (page sizes).
– Fixed bug when dragging/copying text from some pictures.

_The stand alone document creator for the Apple Macintosh_

MacDoc is a powerful tool for creating standard or stand-alone documents
(also called: self-reading, portable or autonomous documents) from existing
documents and with almost any application. A stand-alone MacDocument can be
read and printed without the original application created from. Therefore,
MacDoc is ideal for creating and distributing any kind of electronic
documentation, for archiving, for making a snapshot from a web page or just
for creating a print preview.
Features MacDoc Writer
– creating a MacDocument is as easy as printing
– MacDocuments can be created from your favoured application
– MacDocuments can be created from your existing files
– MacDocuments look like the original
– stand-alone MacDocuments can be read and printed without any other
– optionally protect your MacDocument by a password (index, copy, incl. files)
– creates MacDocument up to 600 dpi (dots per inch)
– optionally include files e.g. fonts or the original document for archiving

Features MacDoc Viewer
– fast and easy to use
– copy and drag drop of text with styles or pictures
– creating a hierarchical index with styles is very easy
– printable index
– information about the fonts used in the document
– bookmarks let you mark places in a document with your own labels
– Find text functionality

System Requirements
– Any Apple Macintosh or compatible (except Macintosh 128K, 512K and
Macintosh Plus)
– System 7 or higher.

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