MYOB Announces AccountEdge 2007

Small Business Management and Accounting Application Will Be Universal

November 28, 2006 (ROCKAWAY, NJ) – MYOB today announced the release of MYOB
AccountEdge 2007, their popular small business management and accounting
application for Mac small businesses.

“We’re happy to announce AccountEdge 2007,” said Tom Nash, Managing Partner
of MYOB US, “which comes with carefully selected customer-requested
features that will help them to continue to mind their own business smarter.

“We’re excited to present AccountEdge as a Universal Binary application,
which will allow owners of Intel Macs to enjoy the speed benefits inherent
with the new Macs, while ensuring that those with PowerPC-based Macs will
still be able to run the software with no degradation of performance,” Nash

You Asked For It, You Got It
Our customers are our best gauge when deciding what new features and
functionality to introduce to AccountEdge. Below is a list of many of the
new and improved features found in AccountEdge 2007. For more information,
go to

Sync with Address Book
AccountEdge 2007 is designed to sync contacts with Mac OS X’s Address Book.
One click on the Sync Cards button will update contact cards in either
system with the most up-to-date information available. Once in Address
Book, users can sync contacts to their phones, PDA, and other software
applications, including Entourage.

Undo Bank Reconciliation
Errors made when reconciling bank statements can now be fixed instantly
with the new Undo Reconciliation feature. This functionality enables all
entries that had been reconciled on a given date to revert to unreconciled

Instantly Change a Sales Order or Quote to a Purchase Order
In the past, AccountEdge required a user that just spent time preparing
detailed sales orders or quotes to go back and re-enter that data as a
purchase order. The new Create PO button found in both the Sales Order
screen and the Sales Register will help AccountEdge 2007 users save time by
instantly generating a PO from a sales order or quote.

Also found in AccountEdge 2007:

* Quickly locate Recurring Transactions with new Search By field
* Provide credit application forms to your customers
* 14 new OfficeLink letter templates
* Email payment notifications to customers and vendors
* Import employee payroll details
* Preview payroll before recording
* Receive Inventory Enhancements
* Import Inventory Journal Adjustment Entries
* Improved importing functionality
* View detailed descriptions on Job Transactions report
* Remain IRS compliant with the new W-2 form

AccountEdge is Universal and Cross-Platform Compatible
MYOB AccountEdge 2007 is a Universal application, and will run on both
Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs. What’s more, MYOB AccountEdge for Mac can
read MYOB Premier Accounting for Windows files and vice versa, making it
easy to work with accountants, regardless of platform. MYOB makes it even
easier by providing new users’ accountants with a free copy of MYOB

AccountEdge Network Edition
Currently the 2007 version of AccountEdge Network Edition is available as a
PowerPC application only. The Universal version of Network Edition will be
offered as a free download to owners of the 2007 PowerPC version upon

Available through Apple Resellers, the MYOB website,, and
other online outlets and mail order catalogs, MYOB AccountEdge is priced at
$299 for a single-user license, with additional workstation licenses at
$149 each. For more information on MYOB AccountEdge, MYOB AccountEdge
Network Edition, and MYOB’s straightforward accounting product MYOB
FirstEdge, or to request a trial version, please visit, or
call (800) 322-MYOB (6962).