SQLiteServer 1.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux

SAN DIEGO, California (June 4, 2004) – SQLabs is pleased to announce the
immediate availability of SQLiteServer 1.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

SQLiteServer is a server for SQLite databases that allows you to access
SQLite databases remotely from any client written to understand the
server’s protocol. SQLite is a small C library that implements a
self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration, SQL92-compliant database

SQLiteServer works best in conjunction with REALbasic and SQLabs’
SQLitePluginPro product. But REALbasic is not required. Applications can be
written to talk to SQLiteServer using our custom protocol. Ask us for

SQLiteServer comes in a small-business edition for $269 that supports up to
10 clients, and a full-business edition for $369 that supports unlimited

For more information, please visit the SQLabs website:


About SQLabs

SQLabs specializes in database products for REALbasic. Our family of
s range from a SQLitePlugin for REALbasic Standard, to SQLitePluginPro,
which can be used with the REALbasic Professional database API to build
industrial-strength database applications quickly and easily.

In addition to our database products for REALbasic, we also provide
consulting services, including custom REALbasic plugins and REALbasic

Contact Information

web: (http://sqlabs.net)
email: info@sqlabs.net