June 4, 2004

New PocketMac GoBetween Adds Entourage Sync Support To iSync

La Jolla, CA–June 2004–Information Appliance Associates
announces the release of PocketMac GoBetween(TM), the first automated
iSync plug-in to sync Entourage data to iCal & the OS X Address Book,
allowing Entourage users to have their data fully supported & synched
by their devices.

“While there are a lot of mobile devices supported, iSync only
synchronizes data with Apple’s Address Book and iCal…it doesn’t
support Microsoft Entourage,” Terence Goggin, CTO of Information
Appliance Associates said. “That’s why we created PocketMac GoBetween-
-a bridge that connects users’ Entourage contacts, calendar, and
tasks with OS X Address Book and iCal.”

In testing for over 5 months, PocketMac GoBetween is fully
integrated with iSync such that every time the user does a sync with
their phone, handheld, iPod or other device, that same data is also
synchronized against Entourage. Basically, users with an iSync-
supported device no longer have to choose between their data and
their mobile device.

Goggin continued, “So many Mac users run iSync to sync with their
mobile devices, but they’re essentially shut out of using Entourage
and having it sync properly with their devices. That’s why we created
PocketMac GoBetween.”

As part of its sync process, iSync launches PocketMac GoBetween.
Then when iSync connects to their devices with Address Book or iCal
data, they will have effectively synched their mobile device with

Specifically PocketMac GoBetween users will enjoy the ability to
sync their data with the following iSync-supported devices that would
otherwise not sync with Entourage:

(*) Sony Ericsson Phones (T630, T610, T616, T68i, P900, P800,
T608, Z600, R520, T39m, T39c, T68)
(*) Nokia (N-Gage, 3650, 3600, 7650)
(*) Motorola (T720, v60i, v66, v60t, c350, c331g, c331t, c333g)
(*) Siemens (S55, S56)
(*) IPod (5 GB, 10 GB, 15 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, 40 GB,
(*) iPod mini (4 GB)
(*) Palm PDAs (Tungsten T family, Tungsten C, Tungsten W,
Tungsten E, Zire, Zire 71, m500, m505, m515, m100, m105, m125, m130,
IIIc, III xe, Vx, VII, VIIx, i705)
(*) Handspring PDAs (Treo 90/180/270/300, Visor Edge, Visor Neo,
Visor Platinum, Visor Prism, Visor Pro)

“We’re thrilled to release this. Entourage users can now sync
completely with their devices and iSync,” Goggin added.

PocketMac GoBetween runs on Office v.X/Office 2004, Mac OS X 10.2.
6 or higher and requires iSync.

What’s more, for a limited time, PocketMac GoBetween customers
will also get free software which will change the look and feel of
their Sony Ericsson T610, P900, & T68i phones into that of a
miniature Macintosh.

The retail price of PocketMac GoBetween is $24.95 ($19.95 With
Competitive Upgrade).

More information about PocketMac GoBetween can be found at