ProjectWizards presents: Version 2 the innovative project management
software Merlin

It’s finally here! ProjectWizards ships the second generation of the
established project management software, Merlin. The PM experts splash out
among other features, also on a completely reconditioned user interface, a
new Utilization view, a reporting generator and a powerful tool to control
the project progress.

Melle, Germany, November 28, 2006 – Two years after the release of the
first Merlin version, the brand new second version released today, marks
the real evolution in project management for the Apple Macintosh. Merlin
presents itself to its users in a new outfit. Created for practical usage,
it is easy to use, structured logically and above all technically correct.

A new project is created quickly in Merlin 2: using one of the several
templates, the extensive set of components or the import from one of the
supported file formats. With the new Utilization view the project manager
has a clear overview of the resource work, can identify over utilization at
first glance and using the new resource leveling, resolve any over
utilization. With Merlin’s new interactive print preview the user can very
easily design the required printout. The new reporting function allows the
project manager to create and modify significant reports with just a few
mouse clicks, which provides a convincing tool for the project team. As the
project progresses, Merlin evaluates the actual values, calculates the
further project progress and provides a clear prognosis.

A complete list of all the functions can be found on the Merlin website:

“We took on enormous efforts with Merlin 2 and are very proud with what we
have achieved: A real professional management software, for everyone who
needs to plan and execute projects!” said Frank Blome, CEO of

Not only are Merlin’s functions outstanding, the price is unbeatable too.
Merlin 2 can be purchased for only 145 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX) directly online
on the Merlin website:( Users who
purchased Merlin 1 prior to June 1, 2006 will receive the upgrade to
version 2 for a small fee of only 75 EUR (excl. VAT/ TAX). Those who
purchased Merlin during the beta phase will receive the upgrade free of
charge. Merlin 2 can be downloaded and tested free of charge under:
( All Mac OS X 10.4 are invited to
convince themselves: Merlin is project management with a bit of magic!